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Clear Your Criminal Record Forever

Learn how PAC completes your Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) application to permanently seal your criminal record from public visibility forever.

U.S. Entry Waiver

100% Fast Legal US Access

Learn how PAC completes your U.S. Waiver application to secure your legal entry into the United States.


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Immediately start your Pardon or U.S. Waiver application for free or make a $68 deposit to assign your file directly to an A+ Accredited Officer.

  • "I got a 5-year Waiver! I also got the Pardon which took about 6-7 months. Thank you!"

    Kelly S. (real applicant)
  • "Very helpful. Save me a lot of paper work. I also learned a lot throughout the process."

    Gregory D. (real applicant)
  • "I really felt PAC took a lot of stress off of me with the help of completing this application process. Thank you!"

    Nina S. (real applicant)
  • "They were very professional on the phone, the emails were instinctive. Overall very happy with PAC."

    Nicholas W. (real applicant)

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